Bubbly Tim's Time Bubble Trouble

Bubbly Tim's Time Bubble Trouble is a thrilling puzzle platform game where you play Bubbly Tim, who has gotten himself into trouble by freezing time. Help him escape through 20+ fun puzzles!

How to play Bubbly Tim's Time Bubble Trouble?

Use Bubbly Tim's time bubble to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Use the arrow keys to shoot the time bubble in any direction. The time bubble can be redirected once using the arrow keys again, and a third use returns the bubble. The A and D keys move Bubbly Tim left and right, and W jumps. If you're stuck, R can be used to restart the current level, and N can be used to skip to the next level.

Who created Bubbly Tim's Time Bubble Trouble?

This game was created by cousins Faisal Kubba and Hamza Kubba in 3 days for Mini-Jam 126.

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