Duelist GG is a revival fan project built from the ground up of the original Duelyst game. Duelyst was a digital collectible card and turn-based strategy game developed by Counterplay Games and was made open-source in 2023. In Duelyst GG, all cards are free and unlocked. The project is being actively developed by Hellgin and has an active user base on their Discord server.

How to play Duelyst GG?

  • Select one of the game modes: Tutorial, Practice, Ranked Ladder, Gauntlet, VS, or the early access Roguelike mode.
  • You control a General that can summon minions, cast spells, and use artifacts to defeat the enemy General.
  • On each turn, you can move your units and attack enemy units. Use your mana to play cards or use your General's special ability.
  • The game ends when a General is defeated.

Use the Build menu to create custom decks.

Developer: Hellgin
Engine: Custom
Open-source license: CC0